Private and Medicaid Private Rooms Available Now!

private room

Benefits of a Private Room

  • Numerous studies concluded that single occupancy rooms, also known as private rooms, decrease the risk of acquiring and spreading infections.
  • Private rooms lend to fewer resident conflicts and no concerns with roommate compatibility.
  • Private resident rooms are associated with improved sleep patterns, reduced agitation and aggressive behavior among people with dementia in long-term care facilities.
  • Studies show fewer medication errors and adverse outcomes when private rooms are used in healthcare settings.
  • Single-occupancy rooms allow greater flexibility in adapting care as the resident’s condition and acuity change, therefore requiring fewer resident room transfers.
  • Single resident rooms enhance residents’ sense of home, privacy, and control
  • Studies conducted in long-term care facilities found higher resident satisfaction and family preference for private rooms.
  • Private rooms can positively affect the quality of communication between staff and residents, making it easier to maintain confidentiality when discussing medical matters.